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Omen - Tygers of pan tang - Megasonic
Omen (US)
Tygers of pan Tang (UK)
Megasonic (Bel)

Presented to you by VZW Hambiance


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King Hiss
King Hiss


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Loco Loco Fest

Local Loco Festival in Opwijk that exists for over a decade! Used to be outdoor in Merchtem but moved indoor after a couple years of drowning punks.
Hardcore, punk, ska, metal, crust, grind, rock, ... we've had it all and we'll have some more!

Anti-Nowhere League (UK - punk)
Sick On The Bus (UK - punk)
Sunpower (Opwijk - hardcore/punk - 15th anniversary!)
Youth Avoiders (FR - hardcore/punk)
Golden Green (punkrock)
SILENCE MEANS DEATH (BE - crust 'n roll)
NUCLEAR (Chile - thrash metal)
CeaseFire (Bxl - d-beat punk)
De Tegenpartij (NL - punk/hardcore)
Mindless (Merchtem - rock/grunge)
Ill(GER - punk/hardcore/fastcore)
Quickshifter (Hamme - hardcore/metal)
Democracy - The End (Hamme - punkrock)
Fifty Foot Combo


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Voivod + Téras
Voivod (CAN)
Téras (BE)

This one has been on our list for a very long time. Why? You shouldn't even have to ask! A more authentic crossover band is hard to find. Its good old fashioned punk fury, original thrash riffs which are topped up with a completely unique avant-garde sound make these Canadians one of the most influential metal bands on this planet. It's no coincidence that Jason Newsted wanted to do only one thing after Metallica: to play with Voivod.  Even the like-minded Amebix have (ipv has) showed their admiration for Voivod, and Black Metal professor Fenriz (Dark Throne) once told that underestimating Voivod was his biggest mistake. These gentlemen keep on making great records like the recent 'Post Society' EP. We were able to book them for an exclusive showcase in Aalst city. And be aware: the tickets for this  show at the awesome (but rather small venue) Cirque Mystic




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